8 simple rules for barbecuing in Rotterdam parks

8 simple rules for barbecuing in Rotterdam parks

Planning a barbecue party in the park? Don't let the cops rain on your parade. Here are eight rules you need to keep in mind when setting up a barbecue in Rotterdam's many public parks.
We usually don't have long summers in the Netherlands, so whenever the sun is shining, people flock to the parks for recreation. One of the more fun (and tasty) activities is a barbecue! Whether it's meat or vegetables, who doesn't like the taste of grilled food?
Open-air barbecues are allowed in most parks. However, in the most popular parks such as Kralingse Bos, Het Park (Euromast) and Zuiderpark it is only permitted to barbecue within specially designated barbecue zones. Another fun park you might want to check out is Vroesenpark near the Blijdorp metro station, though it's a bit smaller and often pretty busy.
In general, though, there are eight simple rules you need to abide by when barbecuing in Rotterdam parks:

Rules for setting up a barbecue in Rotterdam's parks

  • Maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from trees and bushes
  • When done, extinguish the hot coals and deposit them in the metal charcoal containers (not on the grass)
  • The barbecue must be set up on a stable surface
  • The barbecue is not allowed to be in direct contact with the grass
  • Open fire is forbidden
  • Always leave the spot clean for new visitors. Waste can be disposed of in the designated waste containers.
  • Directions from the fire brigade, police and bylaw enforcement must always be followed
  • Alcohol consumption in parks is allowed from April 1st to October 1st

Rules regarding alcohol use

Outside the summer months, alcohol consumption is only allowed in a handful of parks. In the period from April 1st to October 1st, however, there is an exception and you can drink a beer or wine in the Rotterdam parks during your barbecue. Keep it nice, because alcohol-related disturbances remain punishable everywhere.

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