Rotown - Live music venue in the heart of Rotterdam

Rotown - Live music venue in the heart of Rotterdam

Rotown is one of the most well-loved hotspots in Rotterdam. This alternative themed cafe by day becomes a concert hall in the evening and morphs into an edgy club at night. 

Rotown - Venue information

Rotown was opened in 1987 as a rock 'n roll nightclub but often provides a stage to singer-songwriters and indie bands from the Netherlands and from abroad. Rotown is a cosy concert venue. With a maximum capacity of 250 people, you can stand very close to the artist. No matter where you find yourself,  you always have a good view of the act.
Rotown is a very intimate concert venue 📷 Nikki SmitsRotown is a very intimate concert venue 📷 Nikki Smits
The concert programming mainly consists of alternative bands and artists, from pop to dance. Nonetheless, they also host Open DJ Nights, dance nights, record fairs, pop quizzes as well as their own festivals, such as Festival Stille Nacht and Left of the Dial.
Rotown Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsRotown Rotterdam 📷 Nikki Smits

Rotown - Food & beers

The venue is housed in a former Chinese restaurant and has been - despite its size - Rotterdam's main venue for rock and indie music concerts for the past decade (after the demise of Nighttown). It’s a pop venue, but let’s not overlook all the great beers and food. The restaurant at Rotown has an informal atmosphere and serves affordable dishes for lunch and dinner.

Rue Royale @ Rotown - Live music

In September 2013 they booked the band Rue Royale in Paradijskerk and now, almost exactly five years later, the indie folk band is back with a show in Rotown. Rue Royale combines enchanting folk with harmonious singing and this fits perfectly within the profile of the concert hall.
Rue Royale @ Rotown Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsRue Royale @ Rotown Rotterdam 📷 Nikki Smits
Rue Royale @ Rotown Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsRue Royale @ Rotown Rotterdam 📷 Nikki Smits
Unfortunately, the concert hall is half-empty today. It’s already five years since the release of their last album “Remedies Ahead” together with Sean Carey (Bon Iver, S.Carey). As the couple bring new life to their musical marriage one can wonder if perhaps the long silence has been a little too long for the fans, or if the music genre is past its peak.

Rotown is a major organisation

Besides the location at Nieuwe Binnenweg, Rotown regularly deviates to other locations. Concerts at, among others, Paradijskerk, which is practically next to Rotown, Maassilo, V11, Annabel, Theater Rotterdam, LantarenVenster, De Doelen are often programmed by the venue. Thanks to this organisation, there are places for a music acts to grow in Rotterdam.
Rotown Rotterdam 📷 Nikki SmitsRotown Rotterdam 📷 Nikki Smits

Directions to Rotown Rotterdam

Rotown is a 1-minute walk from Eendrachtsplein Metro Station, also tram 4 stops there. From Rotterdam Central Station it is about 10 minutes walk. It is located in the lively shopping street ‘Nieuwe Binnenweg’. Rotown is, without a doubt, a must-visit when you are in Rotterdam.
Poppodium / Café / Restaurant Rotown
Nieuwe Binnenweg 19
3014 GB Rotterdam

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