Make Rotterdam's balconies green again!

Vertical gardening tip: petunia balconyVertical gardening tip: petunia balcony
How green are your thumbs? Compared to residents of Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, Rotterdammers are the least satisfied with their balconies and terraces. 
42% of Rotterdam residents don't have any plants on their balcony. The difference huge when compared to Amsterdam (22%) and Utrecht (27%). Rotterdammers tend to think they don't have any space to grow plants or that the space available is too worn and therefore inadequate. This, according to research conducted by

Vertical gardening in Rotterdam

If you're among the Rotterdammers who think there simply isn't enough space, or would rather use the available space for storage purposes, perhaps vertical gardening might be a viable option. Vertical gardening requires a lot less space than traditional gardening techniques.
Vertical gardening tip: climbing fruitVertical gardening tip: climbing fruit
You could try your hand (or thumb) at growing fruit and vegetables vertically by either placing stacked boxes at the edge of your balcony or layering the walls with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.
Vertical gardening tip: tomatoesVertical gardening tip: tomatoes
For example, fruits such as berries and grapes can grow upwards along a wall, fence, pergola or balcony and therefore do not require much room.
Whether you have a lush garden or a tiny balcony, you can always grow your own fruit or vegetables and serve them from your own garden straight to your own plate.


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