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The Rotterdamse Popweek is all about music. It features a wide variety of events and live shows. The annual Popweek is also the only week that lasts 10 days. That's 10 days to truly experience the vibrancy and versatility of the Rotterdam pop scene through hundreds of diverse performances at over 100 locations.

What to expect at Rotterdamse Popweek?

The Rotterdamse Popweek was created by Popunie as an event that puts the local pop scene in the spotlight and sheds light on all that is happening in the field of pop culture in Rotterdam.The event shows that much Rotterdam has a lot more local talent and activities than people often think. The Popweek is therefore also a good time to encourage new initiatives and bring them to the attention of the general audience.

Popweek Specials

These are events that are definitely worth checking out:
Friday, November 2: Opening Rotterdamse Popweek & Rotterdamse Popquiz
The event officially kicks off with a lecture on the state of the Dutch music industry which takes place in WORM, followed by the legendary Rotterdamse Popquiz.
Saturday, November 3: Popronde Rotterdam
On November 3, the traveling festival Popronde will take place in Rotterdam. Throughout the day you can enjoy free musical acts in all kinds of locations. Discover the new generation of pop musicians who follow in the footsteps of former participants such as John Coffey, Kensington and Dotan.
Saturday, November 10: Parkzicht: The Final Reunion
In 1997 Parkzicht had to close the doors. It was a famous venue where, among others, hardcore dj's such as Paul Elstak, Rob and Stanton wrote history. In 2005, the first official Parkzicht reunion was held and since then the true enthusiasts of that 'old old' sound reunite every year in a sold out Maasgebouw. After 13 crazy editions full of memories and the best classics, the annual event will cease to exist. On November 10, it will happen once more, for the last time.

Additional information

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