Festival Latino Americano RotterdamFestival Latino Americano Rotterdam

Ay, que interesante! From August 17th through August 21st Rotterdam will host the first ever Festival Latino Americano in LantarenVenster. Watch over thirty films and enjoy live performances by La 33 and Flavia Coelho.


Festival Latino Americano Rotterdam

There's a new festival in town and it sounds pretty exciting. The first ever Festival Latino Americano RotterdamFestival Latino Americano Rotterdam will take place from August 17th through 21st at LantarenVensterLantarenVenster. The event will showcase contemporary cinema of Latin America as well as live music from the region. What makes FLAR unique is the fact that it is the only festival of its kind in the Netherlands where Latin American film and music meet.


Film & Music

The Festival Latino Americano is fun for both film and music lovers alike. Music plays a prominent role in all of the selected films. In fact, the opening film is a music documentary from Chile. 'Quilapayún, más allá de la canción' is directed by Jorge Leiva and follows the journey of the band. In the 1960's, it is said that the music of Quilapayún was the soundtrack to the Chilean revolution. 

Over thirty films will be shown during FLAR, some of which were produced in Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Ecuador Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay. Special attention is also given to the ongoing Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. If you don't speak Spanish or Portuguese, that's totally fine, as all movies are subtitled in English. 

Be sure to catch special concerts by La 33, Flavia Coelho and Alfredo Rodriguez or enjoy the many other artists who will be performing in the foyer. 



Festival info

 These are the details ...

Festival Latino Americano Rotterdam

Date: 17th Augustus - 21st August
Place: LantarenVenster
What: Latin American film and live music

Time: 10:30 - 00:00* (opening 20:00)
Entrance: Tickets per film or concert passTickets per film or concert pass

For more information on pricing, timetables and anything else you might want to know, check out the website: www.festivallatinoamericano.nlwww.festivallatinoamericano.nl


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