De Achtertuin - a Corona-proof dance festival for 250 people

De Achtertuin to be a Corona-proof FestivalDe Achtertuin to be a Corona-proof Festival
On Saturday, August 29th, Festival De Achtertuin organizes a Corona-proof mini festival with DJ's like Carlos Valdes & Sandrien as well as local heroes Chris Stussy, VNTM and Unders. Outdoor Valley, the adventure terrain just next to Rotterdam, will open its doors for up to 250 festival-goers.
The festival takes every precaution to be completely Corona-proof. A triage takes place at the entrance and the temperature of each visitor is measured. On the festival site, each visitor must keep a distance of 1.5 metres from the other, even if they belong to the same household.
"It's quite a job and a big investment to organize a festival in these times. Still, we want to organize it in a way that is as fun as possible, while still playing by the rules," says Rosaline Tóth, one of the initiators of Festival De Achtertuin. She continues: "The festival industry is under a lot of pressure. Hopefully, this way, we can still make some people happy, inspire other festivals and still provide some work in our severely affected industry".

Dancing areas of 1.5 metres

The first edition of Festival De Achtertuin was actually planned on 18 July and could welcome 3,500 visitors. To make this mini-edition possible, the organization pulled out all the stops. Rosaline Tóth outlines the course of events for Saturday 29 August: "Toilets are constantly cleaned and a maximum of 2 people are allowed to sit at the tables. To ensure that people do not gather at a bar, all drinks and food are served or brought by wheelbarrows. There are also staff with drink tanks. On the grounds, it is one-way traffic, and we have made 'dance sections' of 2 x 2 metres in front of the stages. We're really going to enforce the 1.5 metres."

Festival De Achtertuin - Corona-proof mini-edition

Date: August 29th
Time: from 12:00 to 18:00
Tickets cost 55 euros and are available on the Festival De Achtertuin website.


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