Directions to Noordplein Rotterdam

Noordplein Rotterdam 📷 1VeertjeNoordplein Rotterdam 📷 1Veertje
Noordplein is a town square in the Rotterdam Noord district.

How to get to Pijnackerplein Rotterdam?

Pijnackerplein is located in the Noord area of Rotterdam. It's approximately 1.5 kilometres from the Rotterdam Centraal station. 

Pijnackerplein Rotterdam via public transportation

From Centraal Station, take tram 7 towards Woudestein and get off at Pompenburg. From there, it's about 800 metres (10 minutes on foot) to the square. All in all, it should take about 14 minutes to get to Pijnackerplein from Centraal Station.

Pijnackerplein Rotterdam by bike

Rather take a bicycle? It'll take you about 7 minutes to get there. 

Pijnackerplein Rotterdam on foot

It's about 1.4 kilometres from Centraal Station. If you're in for a healthy walk, it'll take you about 18 minutes to get there. 

Pijnackerplein Rotterdam Location

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