KLM's mini documentary about RotterdamKLM's mini documentary about Rotterdam

Hotel New York in Rotterdam is now a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines collectors item! A miniature Delfts Blue House, number #97. To mark the occasion, KLM has produced an awesome mini documentary about the city.


KLM's Rotterdam video

The video commemorates the fact that it's been over 70 years since KLM became the first European airline to begin scheduled flights to New York. It starts off by highlighting Rotterdam's port as being one of the biggest in the world. It also refers to the ever evolving city skyline. These are two elements, that when combined with its proud residents, make for a bustling and open world city.  Other interesting sights shown are Delfshaven, the Markthal and the Erasmusbridge.


As far back as the year 1620, Rotterdam had become a major point of departure from the old Europe to the new world. Later on, with the construction of the Nieuwe Waterweg in the second half of the 19th century,  Rotterdam got a direct connection to the sea which enabled the Holland-Amerika line to begin shipping services between Rotterdam and New York. This resulted in a new wave of migration for thousands of Europeans. For more than a century, Hotel New York was the last many Europeans saw of the old world before embarking on their journey across the Atlantic. 


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