[VIDEO] Rotterdam in four seasons

161201 koen samson rotterdam in four seasons

We've written about Koen Samson's films before. Koen is the guy who set out to create beautiful time-lapse films of Rotterdam in every season. Guess what, he did it again! Now you can watch Rotterdam in autumn, winter, spring and summer all in a single three minute video. 


Rotterdam in Four Seasons

Rotterdam is the most innovative city in the Netherlands. It's a place where the old world collides with the new. The result of which is a city where 'things happen', and they are made to happen all the time. Koen Samson has managed to capture the hustle and bustle of city as well as the more delicate moments in which we see that the old Rotterdam is just as much a part of the new.   

Rotterdam in four seasons from koen samson on Vimeo.


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