New Ben & Jerry's ice cream Scoop Shop opens in Rotterdam

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in RotterdamBen & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Rotterdam
This Friday, July 20th, Rotterdam welcomes Ben & Jerry's to the city. The brand new Scoop Shop promises an exclusive menu with milkshakes, chunk shakes and freshly baked waffle cones as well as, of course, more than 15 different Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavours including Rotterdam's own flavour 'Gers Bakkie Roffa.'

More than ice-cream

In Rotterdam's Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop, more than fifteen flavours of Ben & Jerry's ice cream will be available, including the well known Cherry Garcia flavour. Of course, Gers Bakkie Roffa, the ice cream that Ben & Jerry's specially launched for Rotterdam earlier this year, can also be sampled. The menu consists of more than ice cream, sundaes and freshly baked waffle cones. You'll also find other creations such as (vegan) milkshakes and chunk shakes.

Cooperation with local suppliers

Ben & Jerry's is known to be a fair-trade and socially conscious organization. The new Scoop Shop will also adhere to these principles. Ben & Jerry's is opting to source its products from local suppliers.
For example, the brownies, blondies and chocolate chip cookies are baked at De Bakkerswerkplaats: a safe and inspiring working environment for people who can not get involved in a normal work environment, for example, due to a social or intellectual disability. In addition, coffee beans are supplied by Heilige Boontjes; a coffee brand that helps young people to reintegrate into the labour market by roasting coffee.
Artist Noel from the Rotterdam-based creative agency Venour, has taken care of the colourful murals to bring Ben & Jerry's story back to the store.
Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Rotterdam

Ice-cream delivery service

If you often find yourself feeling too lazy to get off the couch and go out in search of ice-cream, there's good news for you. As of next week, it will be possible to have your orders at the Scoop Shop delivered to your home in Rotterdam.

Location: Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop

The Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop is located in Rotterdam's popular Witte de Withstraat.


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