Bolt taxi service in Rotterdam now allows pets on board

Bolt taxi introduces pet category to allow users to bring furry friends on boardBolt taxi introduces pet category to allow users to bring furry friends on board
ROTTERDAM, 20 May 2021 - Bolt taxi service now allows pets on board. Pet owners in Rotterdam are now able to use the 'Pet category' to request pet-friendly rides at no extra cost.
The European taxi service launches the new Pet-category in the app, which allows you to take your dog, cat or chinchilla in the taxi without extra costs. Drivers can choose to turn the category on or off in the app and offer pet-friendly rides. There is no direct limit on the size of a pet, but the pet must fit on the lap, on the floor of the car or in a carrier.
For many people, a pet is an important family member. In the Netherlands, the total number of pets is estimated at 27 million. During the pandemic, pet ownership and adoption experienced an unprecedented rise. Dogs and cats are particularly popular: according to recent figures from the NVG, almost 25% of households now have a cat and just under 20% have a dog.
"We see that pets are an increasingly important part of the family. But it is not always easy to arrange comfortable transport for your four-legged friend. With Bolt, we want to offer affordable alternative transport where people are less dependent on personal car ownership in the Netherlands. Where in the past, when booking a ride, it was sometimes uncertain whether your pet could travel with you, with this new category you can be sure that you can travel together in comfort", says Lars Speekenbrink, country manager Bolt Netherlands.
The new category is available in all cities where Bolt is operational. Other than Rotterdam, these cities include The Hague, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Almere.


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