10 Rotterdam Instagram accounts you should be following

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Are you looking for really cool and interesting accounts to follow on Instagram? We compiled a list for you with 10 of the trendiest Rotterdam-oriented profiles on Instagram. P.S. Did we forget anybody? Let us know. 


1a. Rotterdam by Night

Rotterdam by NightRotterdam by Night

Follow @010bynight for cool shots of Rotterdam during and after sunset. 


1b. Rotterdam by Day

Rotterdam by DayRotterdam by Day

You guessed it..... Follow @010byday for cool shots of Rotterdam in daylight.


2. Rotterdam city blog

Rotterdam city blogRotterdam city blog

Follow @rotterdamcityblog for images of Rotterdam captured in bright, optimistic and colourful settings.


3. Meisjes aan de Maas 

Meisjes aan de Maas Meisjes aan de Maas

Be sure to check out the funloving @meisjesaandemaas for a first-person (or is that two-person?) view of all the city has to offer. 




@rotterday is more than a cityguide. Their instagram profile offers a unique perspective of the city.


5. OPEN Rotterdam

OPEN RotterdamOPEN Rotterdam

@openrotterdam is a hip local television station. The Instagram profile is a great source of information on what's happening in Rotterdam. 


6. HTSPT Rotterdam

HTSPT RotterdamHTSPT Rotterdam

It's hotspot galore on @htspt_rotterdam ... Do follow to stay up to date on the places to be in Rotterdam.


7. Gers! magazine

Gers! magazineGers! magazine

Follow @gersmagazine for an overview on all the "gers" (Rotterdam dialect for "cool") stuff happening in the city.   


8. Rotterdam


The official @gemeenterotterdam account, managed by the local government. An excellent resource for all things Rotterdam, straight fom the horse's mouth.




Are you a fan of stunning images? Check out @rottergram for a curated selection of Rotterdam's finest.


10. Feyenoord Rotterdam

Feyenoord RotterdamFeyenoord Rotterdam

Follow @feyenoord.rotterdam for updates on Rotterdam's top football club, both on and off the pitch.


11. Rotterdam Style

Rotterdam StyleRotterdam Style

Okay okay, so we snuck one in there, touché ... We're not very active on Instagram but aim to be again very soon. Follow @rotterdamstyle in the meantime and we'll promise to be up and running again, sooner rather than later. ;-) 


p.s. Is the information in this article incorrect or outdated? Please let us know.
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