Walsjérôt - this Rotterdam wine bar has over 70 wines on tap

Walsjérôt RotterdamWalsjérôt Rotterdam
Wine lovers rejoice! A new hotspot is coming to Blijdorp. In September, Walsjérôt will open its doors on the Bentinckplein in Rotterdam. The wine bar offers more than 70 wines on tap.
Walsjérôt operates according to a unique concept where you can tap your own wine. With the choice for a sip, a whole glass or half a glass of more than 70 wines, both connoisseurs and connoisseurs can indulge themselves at their own leisure. According to Walsjérôt, once they open, the atmosphere will always be very accessible, meaning you can enjoy the wines at your own pace and in your own way.
The principle is simple: when you enter, you receive a (prepaid) card which you charge with how much you are willing to spend. With your charged card you can proceed to the real eye-catcher of Walsjérôt: the tap wall. White, red or rosé: you can tap more than 70 wines from all over the world, by the glass. Just hold your pass out in front of one of the wine taps and choose how much wine you want. Taste a sip first, order half a glass, or just fill it up all the way. The choice is yours.

Taste and learn

Knowledge of wine isn't something people are born with. If only you had access to a wide range of quality wines and the opportunity to try them all. The good news is that here, each wine is accompanied by a label describing the type of grape, its origin and taste. Patrons can taste as much as they like and discover what they like. You can taste a glass of the most special wines, which can usually only be ordered for a high price in other catering establishments. If you think you could use some help, the sommelier will be happy to give you advice.
Walsjérôt 📷 Lars VerkroostWalsjérôt 📷 Lars Verkroost

All that wine might make you hungry!

At Walsjérôt, you will soon be able to compose your own cheese platter or make your drink complete with flammküchen or a charcuterie platter. Other bites include oysters, which go pretty well with the sparkling wines or vegetarian dishes like beetroot couscous.

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