Café Van Zanten's gourmet take on Dutch frikandellen

Café Van Zanten's gourmet take on Dutch frikandellen

A culinary twist on a Dutch classic comes to Café Van Zanten. This March, Rotterdam's beloved snack undergoes a gourmet transformation at the Frikandellenfeest.

Café van Zanten to host Frikandellenfeest

On 15 March, Café Van Zanten will introduce an innovative culinary experience centred around the frikandel, a beloved Dutch snack traditionally not associated with gourmet dining. The event, named Frikandellenfeest, aims to elevate the frikandel beyond its usual presentation with toppings such as curry, mayonnaise, and onions. Instead, attendees will be treated to unique creations like the Asian-inspired 'Crispy sushi Le Frique' featuring avocado, futomaki, spicy kimchi, and spring onions, and 'El Mexicano,' a frikandel adorned with guacamole, crème fraîche, tomato salsa, tortilla chips, jalapeño, lime, and coriander. The event will also feature entertainment by Arno Kolenbrander.

Culinary expansion at Café Van Zanten

Café Van Zanten, traditionally known for its perfect pours, sports celebrations, and expansive sunny terrace, has recently embarked on a culinary journey. Since December, manager Leo has been offering affordable pub bites. This menu now receives a gourmet enhancement with the introduction of a Fine Dining 3-course meal priced at €17.50, featuring a velvety tomato soup with hand-rolled meatballs, a main course chosen by Leo, and Vienetta as dessert, made with layers of Swiss chocolate couverture and bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Ticket information and dining details

Tickets for the Frikandellenfeest on 15 March are available for €15 on the café's website. The ticket includes a tasting of various gourmet frikandel interpretations, accompanied by music from Arno Kolenbrander. Guests are expected at Café Van Zanten from 19:00 to 21:00, with free entrance to the afterparty post-21:00. Leo's Fine Dining three-course dinner is available throughout the week at this favoured Rotterdam pub on Binnenrotte.

Directions to Café Van Zanten

Café Van Zanten is located at the heart of Rotterdam's bustling Binnenrotte. The area, known for its lively atmosphere and proximity to iconic Rotterdam landmarks, is easily accessible by public transport or bike. For those visiting, the café offers an inviting ambiance for both locals and tourists alike.

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