Top 6 Foodie Areas in Rotterdam - Where to find food

Top 6 Foodie Areas in Rotterdam - Where to find food

So, you're in Rotterdam and you want to grab a nice bite for lunch, but you're too hungry to do lengthy research? No problem, we've got you covered! Rotterdam has quite a few go-to places to get your belly filled. 

P.S. this is not a ranking, all of the areas listed in this article are completely different and just as awesome.

1. The Markthal

If you happen to be in Rotterdam, you must go see the Markthal anyway. No really, you do. Originally it was built to give an indoor place to all the goods on sale on the big market just next door. It all turned out a bit different as planned – especially the prices of the stales it is rumoured. However, it is still a spectacular building and chock-full of the good stuff if you’re hungry. Several good stalls serve you on their counters, the place is rimmed by restaurants and if you’re in the spirit take home some interesting mushrooms, spices or nuts for new dinner ideas. Or simply get some dessert -to eat on the spot or take away.

Markthal RotterdamMarkthal RotterdamMarkthal Rotterdam 📷 MarkthalMarkthal Rotterdam 📷 MarkthalMarkthal Rotterdam 📷 MarkthalMarkthal Rotterdam 📷 Markthal

2. West-Kruiskade

If you are near the centre, not yet biting off the heads of strangers from hunger and fancy a little stroll, West-Kruiskade is a good street to try. Here you go for the more original ethnic food. Chinese, Japanese, Surinamese, Thai – you name it they have it. There are also some fast-food places like KFC.

De Kade Asian Surinamese restaurant 05De Kade Asian Surinamese restaurant 05

Most of the restaurants and eateries here are open for lunch and require no reservation. For dessert try the Chinese bakery or/and ice cream from one of the best ice-cream shops around. And while it depends on how much you eat; you probably won’t spend a fortune.

While you are there, also have a look at the oldest butcher of Rotterdam or take a peek into the interesting pet shop that used to provide even voodoo chickens, if necessary.

West Kruiskade RotterdamWest Kruiskade Rotterdam

3. Witte de Withstraat

Do you fancy a more pub-grubby-kind of meal? Pop over to the Witte de Withstraat. Loads of nice and diverse restaurants, more ice cream shops and a fair amount of bars to hang out in. Also, just one step away from the museum quarter, which reflects in the shops along the street. If you want to, you can also find some fancier restaurants on the fringes.

Witte de Withstraat Rotterdam 📷 Marco DerksenWitte de Withstraat Rotterdam 📷 Marco Derksen
Bazar RotterdamBazar Rotterdam

4. Kop van Zuid

Kop van Zuid is a great foodie spot. Grab a burger at Diego's, or grab anything you can think of at Foodhallen. Walk past the Foodhallen and you'll end up at the historic Hotel New York. It's a place that you must see anyways if you visit Rotterdam.

Hotel New York has a restaurant inside and a nice terrace on the outside. It has been taken over by a Hotel chain a few years ago, so the food is not that special anymore. 

Hotel New York RotterdamHotel New York Rotterdam

5. Katendrecht

At the back of Hotel New York, there's a bridge that connects Kop van Zuid to Katendrecht. This 160 metre long bridge, officially named Rijnhavenbrug, though some locals refer to it as the 'hoerenloper.'

At Katendrecht, you're in for a culinary treat. There is the Fenix Food Factory; a good and hip place to eat and do some food shopping. Several stands in one big hall with local produce and even a brewery.  While it's not exactly free, you probably won’t break the bank eating here.

Fenix Food Factory Rotterdam 📷 Marco DerksenFenix Food Factory Rotterdam 📷 Marco Derksen

You can visit the Deliplein as well with its great Thai, seafood and Italian restaurants, cafes and more. Most are a bit more pricey, open only for the evening and often do require a reservation.

Vislokaal Kaap Rotterdam 📷 Frederik KlanbergVislokaal Kaap Rotterdam 📷 Frederik Klanberg

6. MaHo Kwartier - Pannekoekstraat / Botersloot

A whole bunch of cute and sometimes quiet exotic little specialty eateries are to be found on the Botersloot. Most are open for lunch and you could even go grub-hopping here: take the specialty of one place, move on to the next and finish with a coffee the door after. The Pannekoekstraat has hardly any pancakes, but there are quite a few other restaurants that are nice. Not all are open for lunch.

Botersloot RotterdamBotersloot Rotterdam

Noo.Me RotterdamNoo.Me Rotterdam

De Buik van Rotterdam

Now, if you really want to know what’s hip and happening around food, also, if you are looking for something more specific or the newest hype, I recommend you check out De Buik van Rotterdam. They are Rotterdam’s belly. Yes, the website is in Dutch, but if you are hungry enough you will catch the main drift! 😉

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