Rotterdam Dinner Wheel

Rotterdam Dinner Wheel

The Dinner Wheel was officially opened on September 4th 2018. The giant Ferris wheel is located right next to the Markthal. Local media had already dubbed it the Rotterdam Eye, after the London Eye when the plans were first published in 2014.  


Update: The Dinner Wheel is gone! The structure erected between the Markthal and Hoogstraat remained open an entire year; from September 4th 2018 to August 1st, 2019. Currently, discussions are being held as to the future of the Dinner Wheel. In the coming weeks, a decision will be made regarding a new location in the city. If the parties can't come to an agreement, the Dinner Wheel will relocate to Spain.


Rotterdam Dinner Wheel 

In this 50-meter-high Ferris wheel with closed gondolas, you can take a comfortable pleasure flight either with or without the pleasure of food and drinks. Visitors to the attraction will have the option of having dinner and drinks inside one of 40 air-conditioned cabins while enjoying a stunning view of the Rotterdam skyline, the harbour and cruise ships. 

Rotterdam Dinner Wheel Skyview AttractionsRotterdam Dinner Wheel Skyview Attractions

Original plans

The Dinner Wheel was originally slated to land on Willemsplein, providing passengers with a view of the river Maas. These plans were changed due to heavy protests by residents of the area. In the end, it was decided to go back to the old spot opposite the Markthal. In contrast to The View, the temporary giant Ferris wheel which previously stood next to the Markthal for a couple of weeks, the Dinner Wheel was meant to stay put for at least five years. However, the current permit is for the period of one year, after which it will possibly make way for the construction of the 'mixed use' Rotta Nova complex (70 metres tall). 



Furthermore, residents of the area have complained about the arrival of the giant wheel, citing noise, loitering, loss of privacy (folks peeking through their windows) and blocked views as arguments. In any case, after the first five years, an evaluation will be done in order to decide whether or not it should be moved to another location or remain where it stands. 


Rotterdam Dinner Wheel vs London Eye size comparisonRotterdam Dinner Wheel vs London Eye size comparison


The Hague

The Ferris wheel is the brainchild of Skyview Attractions. Skyview recently completed the construction of a Ferris wheel on the Scheveningen pier in The Hague. The first of its kind in Europe, as it is built on a platform in the ocean. That wheel is 50 meters tall.  

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