Euromast Rotterdam: spectacular views and unique experiences. Photo: Iris van den Broek

Euromast Rotterdam: spectacular views and unique experiences

Discover the Euromast in Rotterdam, a popular landmark offering stunning views, fine dining, and thrilling activities like abseiling. Learn all you need to know.

Photo: Iris van den Broek

Euromast: a landmark and a destination

The Euromast has been an internationally renowned icon in Rotterdam since 1960. With a height of 185 metres, it is one of the highest buildings in the city and offers a unique 360-degree perspective. This special Rotterdam icon is a popular (tourist) attraction that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Moreover, the Euromast also has a brasserie where you can have lunch, (literally) high tea or dinner while you watch the city below. And, if you're up for a total experience, you could even spend the night at the Euromast in one of their suites.

Excitement and thrills at high altitude

Looking for a unique outing to test your courage? Then the Euromast in Rotterdam is the place to be. For the real daredevils, there is a special activity to do from May till September: the highest rappelling point in all of Europe! From the viewing platform at 100 metres height, you step over the balustrade and let yourself sink down while looking out over the city. 

You don't need any experience to rappel from the Euromast, but you do need some guts, of course. The adrenaline rush you get from it is more than worth it, and you will be rewarded with the most beautiful view of Rotterdam. The experienced and certified instructors guarantee safety, because participants are always secured with climbing belts and wear protective gloves. After an instruction, you can start stepping over the balustrade, which for many is the most exciting part.

The descent takes about 15 minutes, during which you hang free from the building for the most part and determine yourself how fast you go. Rappelling is an ideal activity for an exciting company outing, bachelor day or even for an original romantic date.

Abseiling from the Euromast in RotterdamAbseiling from the Euromast in Rotterdam

Dining at the Euromast restaurant

The Euromast restaurant, also known as the Brasserie, is a modern and stylish dining venue in the iconic Euromast tower in Rotterdam. Offering stunning panoramic views of the city skyline, the restaurant serves a diverse menu with a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The culinary offerings range from creative international dishes to classic Dutch favourites, catering to various tastes and preferences. The restaurant is known for its ambiance, exceptional service, and unique location, making it an ideal choice for a memorable dining experience in Rotterdam.

Every season, the Euromast restaurant introduces a new spring menu, offering a range of creative dishes inspired by international cuisines. With recent options including recipes such as pulled chicken sandwiches with ras el hanout spices and grilled bavette with asparagus, the Euromast restaurant caters to a variety of tastes.

High altitude dining at Euromast restaurant in RotterdamHigh altitude dining at Euromast restaurant in Rotterdam

Coffee bar and concept store

The Euromast is often seen as a tall tower with a viewing platform, but there's actually plenty to do at the Euromast, before or after rappelling. For example, there's a coffee bar and concept store on the ground floor, which are free to visit. At the coffee bar, you can go for a coffee break and grab a snack or get something to go and enjoy in the park where the Euromast is located. At the concept store, a mix of products by Rotterdam icons is available.

Euromast viewing platform and Euroscoop

You can also go higher up by taking the elevator to the viewing platform at 100 metres. Or step into the Euroscoop (pronounced as Euro scope). At 185 metres, you can admire the 360-degree view while rotating, which even allows you to see as far as the port of Rotterdam, The Hague, and Delft.

Euroscoop experience at Euromast RotterdamEuroscoop experience at Euromast Rotterdam

The Euromast not only offers astonishing views over Rotterdam, but the attraction has added a real 'thrill experience' to the Euroscoop. During a ride with the Euroscoop, you see the city and its surroundings from all angles, while the glass floor beneath you becomes transparent. As a result, it feels as if you are floating above Rotterdam! It's an exciting experience, supported by a light show, sound effects, and music until you reach the top at a height of 185 metres.

Euromast' Euroscope now has a glass floorEuromast' Euroscope now has a glass floor

The ride, which lasts about 7 minutes, offers a 360-degree perspective of Rotterdam. A voice-over simultaneously informs you about the vibrant city, its inhabitants, the diversity, and the impact of the enormous harbour area. The brand new and intelligent glass floor, which transitions from opaque to transparent, makes a ride with the Euroscoop even more enjoyable. Do you dare?

About the Euromast

Since 1960, the Euromast has been a fixture in Rotterdam's skyline, providing visitors with a unique 360-degree perspective of the city. In addition to its stunning views, the tower offers fine dining and even overnight stays in its high-altitude suites. The Euromast is part of the Magnicity group, which highlights iconic towers worldwide, including the Berliner Fernsehturm, Paris Montparnasse, and 360 Chicago.

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