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Rotterdam Style was launched in 2015 and aims to be an inclusive community for all who love Rotterdam but prefer to consume their information English.

Advertising on is a particularly good idea because we can provide high-quality backlinks to your landing page. But we'll only work with you if your business is relevant - and offers value - to our readers.

While many of the sites out there are foodie blogs that focus on pictures and Instagram. We spend a lot of time on well-structured, informative storytelling. As part of Rotterdam Marketing Company, we're also able to run effective promotional campaigns across social media platforms.

Moreover, our blend of content is unique. We're not a hipster site. is the only English-language website in Rotterdam that offers a mix of fresh news, upcoming previews, event reviews and vital information for living in the city.

Our audience consists of mostly expats, tourists as well as cosmopolitan Dutchies who live or work in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Of our readers outside of the Netherlands, most reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Our readership skews 68% female and ages range from 20 to 60.


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