Ice skating in Rotterdam - locations, information and prices

Ijsvrij Park Festival in RotterdamIjsvrij Park Festival in Rotterdam
Whenever it begins to look a lot like Christmas, people flock to the ice skating rinks. Rotterdam has a couple of interesting options, such as a 400-meter ice rink in Kralingen, a romantic experience near Leuvehaven as well as 500m2 of fun at Plaswijckpark.

Schaatsbaan Rotterdam (Kralingen)

Ice skating at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam in KralingenIce skating at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam in Kralingen
Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is the biggest ice skating experience in Rotterdam. On this magical ice rink in Kralingen, you skate around inside an atmospheric tunnel with rainbow lighting. The main ice rink is 400-meter ice long and has official International Skating Union dimensions. There's also a large 1600m2 'fun rink' as well as a separate curling track.
When to go skating at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam?
Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is open from 30 November 2019. It's unclear how long it will remain open, but in 2019 it was open until the end of February. The curling track (fun rink) is open from 1 November 2019.
There are a wide variety of prices, so check out the tickets page for more information. In general, it's €6,75 for skaters and €3 for companions/spectators. Kids 3 years old and under enter free.
Ice skates rentals vary from €6 to €9, depending on the type of skates (ice hockey skates or speed skates). You can also rent a helmet.
Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is 100% cashless, so you're only able to pay via debit card. Gloves are compulsory.

Location: Schaatsbaan Rotterdam


Ijsvrij Festival (Leuvehaven)

Ice skating at Ijsvrij in RotterdamIce skating at Ijsvrij in Rotterdam
Ijsvrij has a very romantic, roofed skating rink. According to Lonely Planet, in 2017 Ijsvrij Festival was one of the top three most beautiful ice skating rinks in Europe. According to event managers, visitors often compare the experience with ice skating in Central Park (New York). In 2019, it moves to a new - and more central - location at Plein 1940, between Beurs and Blaak. You'll be skating with the historic Leuvehaven as your backdrop with it's colourfully lit cranes.
When to go skating at Ijsvrij Festival?
Ijsvrij Festival is open from Saturday, 14 December 2019 through Sunday 12 January 2020. On weekdays, the rink is open from 12:00 to 20:00. On weekends, Ijsvrij you can visit from 10:00 to 20:00.
The Ijsvrij ice rink is 100% cashless, so you're only able to pin via debit card. Gloves are compulsory.

Check out Ijsvrij Festival's 2018/2019 trailer


Location: Ijsvrij Festival


Plaswijckpark's Schaatsbaan (Hillegersberg-Schiebroek)

Ice skating at Plaswijckpark in RotterdamIce skating at Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam
Located at the Bergse Achterplas in Hillegersberg-Schiebroek, on the northern edge of Rotterdam, Plaswijckpark has been a small-scale recreation centre for over 95 years. To mark the occasion, a covered 500m2 skating rink has been placed in the park. Plaswijckpark claims their ice skating rink is the only one in Rotterdam with real, ice-cold ice.
It's a family park, so expect to find many children skating with their parents and/or grandparents.

When to go skating at Plaswijckpark?
The ice skating rink at Plaswijck is open from 1 November 2019 1 March 2020. Do note that the ice skating rink is only accessible to skaters on Friday and Saturday. Gloves are compulsory.
Tickets are €12,95 for general admission (ages 2 through 64) and €8,70 for senior citizens.
Dogs are allowed inside the park (not on the ice), though they also pay admission; dog tickets are €8,70. Purchase your tickets at the gate or via the Plaswijckpark website.

Location: Plaswijckpark



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